Festivals 2016

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2016 Silent Film Festivals



20-25 January

Slapstick Festival (including a considerable number of silent films Bristol Link


16-20 March

HippFest –  Sixth Hippodrome Festival of Silent Film,  Bo’ness, Scotland  Link 


28-29 April  

British Silent Film Festival Symposium (including film screenings)King’s College, London Link


18-19 June

Kennington Bioscope Silent Film Festival   Cinema Museum, Lambeth  Link


1-30 Julyyorkshire silent film festival 2

Yorkshire Silent Film Festival –  A hugely ambitious undertaking, the first  Yorkshire Silent Film Festival comprises 31 films over 30 days at 11 different locations across the county, many projected on 35mm and all with live musical accompaniment.  Comedies, melodrama, sci-fi, social drama, thrillers and a bit of swashbuckling, the festival covers it all.  Various Yorkshire venues Link

15-17 July

Phoenix Silent Film Festival   Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley, London   Link



20-27 October

Cambridge Film FestivalWith a modest silent film content including the premiere the new BFI restoration of Fritz Lang’s 1921 first real masterpiece Destiny, a ballad-like tale of Death and the Maiden with  live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne.   Also Arsenal, Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s visceral 1929 anti-war film with a live score by Bronnt Industries Kapital.   Additionally, acclaimed musician and broadcaster  Neil Brand returns with a special show celebrating the magic of deadpan comic genius Buster Keaton: Keaton for Kids 2. Link 

22-23 October

SILENT LAUGHTER WEEKEND logo 3Kennington Bioscope Silent Comedy Weekend, The Kennington Bioscope silent comedy festival returns with two days worth of Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow, Harold Lloyd, Max Linder, MontyBanks, Syd Chaplin, Harry Langdon and many more.  It’s also a great opportunity to discover some long neglected British male and female comedy stars of the day in need of re-evaluation, European shorts from the early years, insightful presentations on Mack Sennett and Lupino Lane, and the opportunity to see Laurel & Hardy as you’ve never seen them before!   Guest speakers are expected to include renowned authors David Robinson, Geoff Brown and Brent Walker, legendary film archivist Bob Gitt and Kevin Brownlow.    Cinema Museum, Lambeth     Link



3-7 February  

The Whole World of Memory: Fourth International Festival of Restored Film (with a significant silent film element, including five films by Victor Sjöström, four by Mauritz Stiller, four by Louis Delluc and nine made between 1909 and 1928 from the Gaumont studio)   Paris, France   Link

25-27 February 

Kansas Silent Film Festival   Topeka, Kansas, USA   Link


3-13 March 

14th Karlsruhe Silent Film Festival,  Karlsruhe, Germany  Link


7-12 April

Toronto Silent Film Festival     Various cinemas, Toronto, Canada  Link

20-24 April

Loud Silents Festival   Finnish top-notch artists and internationally acclaimed silent film musicians compose new soundtracks for classic silent films, including Evil Spells (Fin, 1927), Caligari (Ger, 1920), Nosferatu (Ger 1922), Metropolis (Ger, 1927) and People on Sunday (Ger, 1930)Musicians include acclaimed German pianist Günter Buchwald  Tampere, Finland  Link

29 April – 1 May

Denver Silent Film Festival     Alamo Draft-house, Denver, USA   Link

29 April – 1 May

The Nitrate Picture Show  The world’s first festival of film conservation returns for a second year. The festival features screenings of vintage nitrate prints from international archives—including the Eastman Museum’s own collection—as well as lectures, workshops, and other opportunities to experience the art and science of film preservation, from print conservation to archival projection.  Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York  Link


2-5 June

San Francisco Silent Film Festival   Castro Theater, San Francisco, USA  Link

16-22 June

Thailand Silent Film Festival This will be the third annual Thailand Silent Film Festival.  Highlights include screenings of Shooting Stars (1928), The Last Laugh (1924)  , Variete (1925)  , Sunrise (1927)  and Les Deux Timides (1928)With live musical accompaniment by Thai musician Anan Nak-khong and renowned German accompanist Gunter A Buchwald.   Scala and Lido Cinemas, Bangkok, Thailand  Link

24-26 June

19th Annual Niles Bronco Billy Silent Film Festival.     The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum is located in what is now the historic district of Niles in the city of Fremont, CA. The museum is housed in the Edison Theater, a century old Nickelodeon movie theater, just half a block from the former site of the Niles Essanay Studios where Bronco Billy and Charlie Chaplin made films in the 1910s. It is dedicated to preserving and showing silent films and their history.   Niles Boulevard, Fremont, California   Link

25 June – 2 July

Cineteca_di_Bologna_-_logoIl Cinema Ritrovato,   A festival dedicated to the rediscovery of rare and little-known films with a particular focus on the origins of cinema and the silent movie period. It is organised every summer by the Cineteca di Bologna and is one of the world’s major festivals of film restoration. Bologna, Italy   Link  


12-14 August

Capitolfest – Capitolfest is Central New York’s premier summer Cinephile film festival—a place to see rarely-shown and newly-discovered films of the silent and early talkie era, held at the historic 1,788-seat movie palace, the Capitol Theatre, which opened in December, 1928.  Set in the small upstate New York city of Rome, Capitolfest 14 promises to surpass its thirteen previous installments, with three days of eclectic and critically-acclaimed programming.  Each year a “tribute star,”  is selected and several of their films are showcased throughout the weekend.  Capitolfest 14’s star will be Gary Cooper!    Link


1-5 September

cinecon52Cinecon-52Cinecon is highly regarded among film fans for screening the rare and unusual films of the silent and early sound era—films that seldom get seen on a big screen. Now in its 52nd year, Cinecon combs the major film archives and Hollywood studio vaults to select often forgotten gems that deserve a fresh look and reappraisal. At Cinecon there is something for everyone—comedy, drama, musicals, Westerns. We show the latest restorations—and some one-of-a-kind rarities.  Most films will be shown in 35mm and all silents will feature live musical accompaniment. Silent films scheduled to be shown this year include;  So This Is Paris (Dir. Ernst Lubitsch, 1927); Girl Shy (Dir. Fred C Newmeyer/Sam Taylor, 1924); Play Safe (Dir. Joseph Henabery, 1927); A Million Bid (Dir. Michael Curtiz, 1927); Robin Hood (Dir. Etienne Arnaud/Herbert Blache, 1912);  The Danger Game (Dir. Harry A Pollard, 1918); Sky High (Dir.  Lynn Reynolds, 1922); In again, Out Again (Dir. John Emerson, 1917); and, Diplomacy (Dir. Marshall Neilan, 1926).   Grauman’s Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.  USA  Link


1-8 October 

Le_Giornate_del_Cinema_Muto_-_logo_transparentPordenone Silent Film Festival   The Big One!!  Created in 1982 as a collaborative effort between La Cineteca del Friuli in Gemona and the Cinemazero filmclub in Pordenone, the Giornate del Cinema Muto, aka Pordenone Silent Film Festival, has established itself as the leading international event dedicated to the preservation, diffusion, and study of the first thirty years of cinema.  Cinema Verdi, Pordenone, Italy    Link

14-16 October

Marie Dressler Foundation – Vintage Film Festival   Twenty four years ago (1992), a group of film enthusiasts involved in the restoration of the Marie Dressler house had a wild idea. Why not hold a festival showing the films in which Marie Dressler had starred? This seemingly fantastic idea grew into the present form in which they show a variety of films generally made before about 55-60 years ago, often, although not always, including a film starring Marie Dressler.   Silent films being screened this year include Speedy (1928) and The Last Laugh (1924)       Capitol Theatre, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada  Link


16-19 November

rim-festRimusicazioni Film Festival –   The Rimusicazioni Film Festival, which emerged from within the context of the Harlock cultural association of Bolzano, is aimed toward composers, bands, sound designers, Foley artists, sound effects people, DJs and in general anyone interested in conceiving of and creating new sound tracks for cinematographic works from the silent film era, spanning from its origins to the beginning of the 1930s.  Rimusicazioni is distinguished as a festival contest and prize competition where the competing works can be of any type and musical style, including remusications made with sound and Foley effects.  New soundtracks are provided to a range of silent films supplied by Cinematek of Bruxelles and the Italian National Cinema Museum Film Archive of Torino.  Various locations, Bolzano, Italy  Link


3 December

A Day of Silents presented by San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  The complete A DAY OF SILENTS event schedule will be announced on September 15 and tickets will go on sale at that time.   Castro Theatre, San Francisco     Link

14-18 December

Third Annual Istambul Silent Film Festival which this year focuses on films by Jean Epsteinn including The Fall of the House of Usher (1928) as well as other features including Pandora’s Box (Dir. G W Pabst, 1929), Berlin: City Symphony (Dir. Walter Ruttmann, 1927) and Variety (Dir. E A Dupont, 1925) plus comedy shorts from Chaplin and Lloyd.  Noted musicians accompanying the films include Stephen Horne.  More details  here