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11 December

kid-poster kid-chaplinThe Kid   (Dir. Charlie Chaplin, 1921)   (Screening format – Not known, 53)  The Kid is Chaplin’s first feature length film and a masterful blending of comic genius and sentimentality.   In the film,  Edna Purviance deposits her new baby with a pleading note in a limousine and goes off to commit suicide. The limo is stolen by thieves who dump the baby by a garbage can. Charlie the Tramp finds the baby and makes a home for him. Five years later Edna has become an opera star but does charity work for slum youngsters in hope of finding her boy. Will Edna find the child and will the little tramp get the girl?  As Chaplin says,  “A comedy with a smile–and perhaps a tear” .  Find out more at imdb.comSmall Cinema, Liverpool  Link

14 December

Das-Cabinet-des-Dr-Caligari-posterThe Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Robert Wiene, 1920) + shorts (Screening format – Blu-Ray,  77 mins) In the village of Holstenwall, fairground hypnotist Dr Caligari (Werner Krauss) puts on show a somnambulist called Cesare (Conrad Veidt) who has been asleep for twenty three years.  At night, Cesare walks the streets murdering people on the doctor’s orders.  A student (Friedrich Feher) suspects Caligari after a friend is found dead and it transpires that the doctor is the director of a lunatic asylum.  Fueled by the pessimism and gloom of post-war Germany, the sets by Hermann Warm stand unequaled as a shining example of Expressionist design.  Find out more at   Presented by Screened/MCR.  With live piano accompaniment by Dairius Battiwalla   Texture,  Manchester M1 1FL  Link

23 December

Special Silent Film Evening – Thrills and Spills for Christmas Titles to be confirmedPresented by the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Society.  With live organ accompaniment by Donald MacKenzie.  Town Hall Ballroom, Stockport  Link



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