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F._W._Murnau-Sunrise-Gaynor_and_O'Brien_on_Farmhara kiri iribePandora's BoxOrchids and Ermine Coleen Moore and 6 year old Mickey Rooney








3 September

nosferatuNosferatu  (Dir. F W Murnau, 1922)  (Screening format  – Not Known,   95 mins)  Unauthorised adaption of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Max Schreck plays the sinister vampire, Count Orlok, traveling across Europe leaving a trail of death in his wake.  Brilliantly eerie, with imaginative touches which later adaptions never achieved.  Find out more at Wikipedia.   Live musical organ accompaniment.  Halifax Minster, Halifax, Yorkshire. Link

15 September

waxworks 1924Waxworks (Dir. Paul Leni, 1924) (Screening format – not known.  83 mins)  Described by film historian Lotte Eisner as one of the most genuinely Expressionist films, Waxworks sees a young nameless poet (William Dieterle) enter a wax museum where the proprietor works in the company of his daughter. The proprietor hires the poet to write a back-story for his wax models of Harum al-Rashid (Emil Jannings), Ivan the Terrible (Conrad Veidt), and Jack the Ripper (Werner Krauss) in order to draw an audience to the museum. With the daughter by his side, the poet notices that the arm of Harun al-Rashid is missing and writes a story incorporating the missing arm.  Find out more at IMDb  Presented as part of the Scalarama festival.  With live piano accompaniment by Jonathan Best.  The Holbeck Underground Ballroom , Holbeck, Leeds Link

20 September

Metropolis22Metropolis (Dir. Fritz Lange, 1927) (Screening format –DVD Jan ’05 version,  118 minutes)  Made in Germany during the Weimar period, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and follows the attempts of Freder (Gustav Frohlich), the wealthy son of the city’s ruler, and Maria (Brigitte Helm), a poor worker, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classes of their city. Filming took place in 1925 at a cost of approximately five million Reichmarks, making it the most expensive film ever released up to that point. It is regarded as a pioneering work of science fiction and is among the most influential films of all time.  Find out more at   With live musical accompaniment by Dmytro Morykit.  Masham Town Hall, Masham, N Yorks   Link

23 September

Silent film evening    Film titles to be confirmed. Live organ accompaniment by renowned organist Donald MacKenzie St Paul’s Church, Royton  Link



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