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10 April

city lights poster twoCity Lights (Dir Charlie Chaplin, 1931) (Screening format – not known, 97mins) The story of the little tramp (Charlie Chaplin)’s on-off friendship with an alcoholic millionaire (Harry Myers) and his efforts to help a blind flower seller (Virginia Cherrill).  A Chaplin classic, eloquent, moving and funny.  The sound era was well under way when production of City Lights started but Chaplin decided to use the soundtrack to his own purposes while still leaving the dialogue on inter-titles, thereby utilising the best of the modern technology while still retaining the silent film sensibilities of his character and his physical comedy. City Lights also marked the first time Chaplin himself had composed the film score to one of his productions.  Chaplin was nervous about the film’s reception because, by this time, silent films were becoming obsolete, and a negatively received preview had undermined his confidence. Nevertheless, City Lights became one of Chaplin’s most financially successful and critically acclaimed works.  Find out more at Wikipedia.com   Presented by the Suffolk Silents Society.  Ipswich Film Theatre Cinema 1, Ipswich, Suffolk  Link

12 April

Silent Comedy Night .  (Screening format – DVD) Five of the most well known, iconic and hilarious comedians from the silent film era; Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Laurel & Hardy, all played back to back. (Film titles not known)  With live musical accompaniment by Seamus Carey.   Colchester Arts Centre

18 April

written-in-dust-2014-posterWritten in Dust (Dir. Gareth Rees, 2014) (Screening format – DCP,  82mins) Set in Beijing during the most intense period of urbanisation the world has ever known, Written in Dust tells the story of three young rural migrant friends (Bin Ba, Lilly Guo and Nick Ma) who seek the new life that modern Beijing promises.  But as they strive for money and struggle in an unfulfilled love triangle, their different desires lead to moral corruption, betrayal, theft and ultimately murderous tragedy. Find out more at IMDb   With  live musical accompaniment (Chinese/British fusion) by Ling Peng (on erhu, guzheng and xun) and Andy Middleton (on keyboards and guitar).  John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, Stowmarket,  Suffolk  Link

 24 April

Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (Dir. F W Murnau, 1927) (Screening format – not known, 95mins)   A woman vacationing from the City (Margaret Livingston) lingers in a lakeside town. After dark, she goes to a farmhouse where the Man (George O’Brien) and the Wife (Janet Gaynor) live. She whistles from the fence Kevin_Brownlow_1outside. The Man is torn, but finally departs, leaving his wife with the memories of better times when they were deeply in love. The man and woman kiss passionately. She wants him to sell his farm and join her in the city. Then she suggests that he solve the problem of his wife by drowning her….   Considered by some to be the greatest film of the silent era, Sunrise is at very least a combination of artistic triumph and artistic enigma. Perhaps the finest example of the melding of German visual design with American studio production techniques, Sunrise is an oddly disconnected story that still manages to reach its audience with its tremendous emotional undercurrent. Find out more at Wikipedia     Presented as part of an evening with renowned silent film historian Kevin Brownlow (right) who will discuss the making of his landmark 13 part documentary TV series for Thames Television in 1980 entitled, HOLLYWOOD and include clips from the programme featuring famous silent stars and directors.  The Riverside Cinema, Woodbridge, Suffolk  Link